Coronavirus and Divine Boutique

Well we thought it couldn’t get any worst and to our disappointment it indeed got worst. At this time we have completely cancelled opening our brick and mortar store for our women’s line and our baby essential store front store. At this moment were not even sure if it’s responsible to open back our store. Needles to say were heartbroken.

We will continue like we have always done in regards to selling through our online channels and social media platforms. We have found 2 more amazing vendors for our Loungewear and Activewear line.

Going forward we will not conduct sales in a more sterile enviroienment. We have invested money into purchasing several high quality machines to sterilize all clothing. Our associates will now package items wearing gloves and mask.

😷🧤We have implemented new measures to fight the spread of Covid-19. Now all of our clothes will be disinfected using a UV Garment Disinfectant along with being steamed fresh clean and then being packaged in a sanitized bag before being mailed to our customer.

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