How Divine Boutique Conducts Business With The Coronavirus Outbreak

It really has been quite the disaster for the last few months. One minute we were planning our grand open for May, designing our swimwear collection, and organizing intimate parties to introduce our new handbag line and then comes the Coronavirus outbreak from China or Wuhan.

Right then and there everything has been cancelled. Not knowing for sure how we transmit coronavirus along with coronavirus symptoms not showing for up to two weeks its hard to even predict a new open date.

At the moment were not even sure if we are going to be opening up at all. We thought about scaling down, holding our adult line and lifestyle products to strictly baby essential items. What we don’t want to do is spread or help transmit the coronavirus. There are a number of precautions that we will start implementing while we operate our clothing line.

We know that we must change how we operate. We understand how people feel about the shopping experiences they use to love and have decided to stick to private fittings for gowns and special occasions.

Right now all employees have been laid off with no date to return. Considering how the coronavirus completely changed  our shopping habits its unsure when it will return to normal.

Until we post next time, stay safe, keep those gloves 🧤 and wear a mask 😷 to stop the spread. Check out our next blog post where we give details on our new precautions for Divine Boutique to stop the spread of coronavirus, transmission of covid-19, and all coronavirus news.