Steaming Your Clothing


If you have any of the following questions like how to steam 👗 your clothing?, Why you should steam and not iron clothing, why does steaming reduce odours? How do I properly steam clothes 💡? Or will steaming clothing kill chiggers?

At Divine Boutique we work really hard at making your shopping time an experience, this is why we have implemented things such as vanity plus sizes, washing instructions cards on our clothes, emailed and text receipts to save paper waste and ensure you always have a copy on hand. 

A question we are often asked is how do we steam our clothes? Here is a great video that we have used in the past to train our employees on steaming techniques. We love how steaming clothes is better than ironing your clothes and steaming clothing help reduce odours while extending the lifespan of your beloved item.

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Quick Step to Step Steaming Instructions

Step One

Here are the steps to steam iron for clothes. Fill the the steam machine with distilled water. Look at the hose and make sure it is not tied. Turn on your steam machine and allow to warm up.

Step Two

Steam iron clothes on hanger or on the back of a door using a hook. Place the article of clothing you wish to steam and start by steaming each section seperately

Step Three

Once your steam machine has warmed up and is ready for steaming take the flathead end of your steaming machine and only touch the article of clothing with the top curve, leave a little gap between the garment and the steamer head. This will help steam much more effective.

Step Four

With your other hand pull the garment by the end to make the garment shift and straight and start steaming from top to bottom making slow strokes.