Trending Bathing Suits 👙🩲🩱

2020 ✨looks as if its going to be the biggest year for swimwear 👙fashion so far. Lets make sure the photos 📸 you take now will not be something you regret on your 5 year Facebook 📱  memory post. Take it from us, we are heavily invested in the swimwear 🩱game and have spent hours at designer and up and coming swimsuit designers. After watching several swimwear fashion shows we have come back with some very valuable fashion info. 🛍


I noticed many swimwear designers are pushing string bikini bottoms designed without double side ties. Aussie-based swimwear labels like Asara and Bamba are leading the pack on the updated silhouette. Below you can find the new bathing suit trends for 2020.🔥

Early adopters of bathing suit trends are endorsing styles like, bold colors and block designs with multiple colours. Strong silhouettes from designers including Oseree, known for its signature metallic lures styles and up-coming designers like Gil Rodriguez. You can definitely find the earliest trends from designer Alyssa Coscarelli and we have included some of her most used styles.💖

Long Sleeve

Play with symmetry and try a long-sleeved swimsuit. Many styles have this with a high-waisted bottom, which is also a huge trends continuing from previous years. Whether you choose to wear a one piece or a two piece long-sleeved bathing suit your sure to trendy AF! While also protecting your arms from the sun. 

The Cut Out Designs 

This style is a standout and is sure to be one of the most coveted swimsuits of 2020. Give the illusion of showing off a lot by only revealing a little. The swimsuit fashion for 2020 is definitely full of cut-out swimsuits. Whether its a bikini 👙 or a one piece be ready to see a lot of skin summer 2020.

Leopard Print 

Once again, bold animal prints have come back in. If you have any animal print from previous years its time to bring it out. Check out Divine Boutiques exclusive animal print swimwear available May 2020. If your into snake print or leopard print there are so many ways to wear this trend.

Textured Swimsuits 

This has to be one of Divine Boutiques favourite style trends this year. We love the sliming effects and texture look. It can turn a plain black into something very expensive. Textured bikinis and one-pieces made from ribbed material are the most popular of all fabric textures. If the crazy floral prints make you want to run you could take a more minimalist style with this fresh new look of textured swimsuits.


One-Shoulder Swimsuits 

Celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley a beautiful Victoria Secret model love super-minimalist swimsuits. This one feature adds so much to your swimwear when you want something on the more simple design.

A good bathing suit needs to look flattering, fit well, feel supportive, and stay in place as you move. It also needs to be durable to stand in place as you move. It also needs to be durable to stand up to summer’s elements and keep its shape use after use.